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Glen Marshall

I do not expect layoffs as the result of EMR. That's because healthcare is not a simple two-party economic transaction.

There is a well-known economic imbalance among those who pay for healthcare, those who deliver it, and those who benefit from it. Those who benefit should return more value to those who pay for healthcare. In the current state, though, higher healthcare and insurance costs have been the norm. But with improved healthcare outcomes and better population health status, the value returned will include higher productivity, reduced health-related unemployment, and a reduction of healthcare cost growth to CPI levels.


You are arguing the "improve patient outcomes" path. I've no problem with that. But to avoid the GOSIP syndrome it needs to be driven by scientific evidence.

I've seen plenty of layoffs and salary cuts the result from the introduction of RIS/PACS, and I expect to see more from EMRs. I've already seen EMRs used to reduce clerical staffing. In larger organizations this is layoffs. In small offices it is usually reduced hours and fees for clerical services. There are lots of inefficiencies in most facilities.

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